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Focus of interdisciplinary researches will inevitably be displaced eventually, other problems and means of their decision will come under the spotlight. Looking, say, on the quarter of the century ahead, it is possible to tell that such, quite possibly, can happen and to synergetrics — in the time and it will retreat into the shadow. But the interdisciplinary approach which is based on research of difficult systems of the different nature remains so evristichny.

Thirdly, the synergetrics in most cases simply hangs new labels on old, known things long ago. Cut its modern terminology, and the skeleton of traditional disciplines in which if there is a gain of new knowledge, not thanks to synergetrics at all will be bared.

After reading of article the reader could have an impression as if thirty years' experience of development of synergetrics was some triumphal procession all-powerful "sciences of sciences" which collected and continues to collect under the banners more and more devoted supporters. Because we tried to bring to the reader first of all the positive maintenance of synergetrics and brightly to show its novelty. At the same time the critical and detached look trying synergetrics on durability remained is not presented. But, as always happens when we deal with the bright, drawing special attention phenomenon, at it arise not only allies, but also opponents.

First, the synergetrics wants to embrace immense, and the swing is broader, the concrete results are poorer. Interdisciplinarity — opponents approve it: whether means this desire to sit down at once on some chairs with the known consequence following from here?