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In the XIX century, in process of an aggravation of an ecological situation, in solution of the problem of harmonious relationship of the Person and the Nature the increasing number of philosophers and scientists was involved. There were even new branches of knowledge: the ecology philosophy, sotsioyestestvenny history which is given rise on a joint of natural and humanitarian disciplines that was caused by scale and diversity of a problem.

The purpose of ecological education and education is purposeful formation at each person at all stages of his life of profound and strong ecological knowledge, complete ideas of the biosphere, understanding of organic interrelation and unity of mankind and environment, nature role in life of society and the person, need and importance of its protection and rational use of resources, education of a personal responsibility for a state of environment.

Dogma Ecological problems - generation of the modern world, in the recent past of the relation with the nature were harmonious. This understanding generates idealization of last vital way, is the cornerstone of the slogan "back to the nature". Reason of emergence of this dogmynekritichesky relation to history, weak knowledge of its real facts. The mankind throughout all the existence faced and more or less successfully solved environmental problems. Difference of our period of history that these problems accepted global character.

Let's formulate now some main conclusions to which it is possible to come as a result of the analysis of the above material. Main from them is that overcoming of the existing ecological difficulties in principle is possible. It follows as from the analysis of history of relationship of the person and the nature, and from potentialities of the present stage of this relationship, opportunities of science, equipment, culture in a broad sense of this word. However, for overcoming of the existing ecological difficulties - it is also the second conclusion - essential changes in the directions of development of science and equipment (reforming existing distsiplinglobalny ecology, etc., development of new methods and approaches to research of relationship of the person and the nature, etc.), and also productions and managements are necessary.

So, the way is called: it is reorganization first of all of human consciousness in relation to the nature, development of essentially new bases of interaction of the Person and the Nature, essentially other way of development of a civilization. And it is impossible to start such reorganization without rather complete philosophical concept of that we call a place of the Person in the Universe.

Ecological consciousness - the most important component of ecological culture uniting all types and results of the material and spiritual activity of people directed on achievement of optimum interaction of society and the nature, on greening of material and spiritual life of society.

The problem of relationship in The Person — the Nature — the Civilization system is among eternal philosophical problems. Without going deep too far into history of its formation and development, we will notice however that the first ecological crises (local character were known still in the ancient time and were that basis which served as an evident illustration of vital importance of this problem.

Dogma In the future it is possible to solve environmental problems completely. This optimistic position was created under the influence of advertizing of achievements of NTP, its potential opportunities. Thus it is lost sight that any achievement of equipment along with useful effect gives also collateral which ecological influence is originally unpredictable. For example, even the purest power - solar - gives a by-product in the form of thermal pollution therefore also has ecological limits of the development.

It is probable before starting development of new moral imperatives and norms of relationship of the person with the nature, it is necessary, figuratively speaking "to clear away them a place", having critically reconsidered and having analysed former (that is dogmas of ecological consciousness are modern. And it also is one of problems of philosophy at this stage. Without applying for the exhaustive characteristic, it is possible to allocate the following major dogmas of modern mass ecological consciousness.