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The 2nd series on application of metaphors consisted of option in verses and option in prose. The option contained five tasks calculated on application of metaphors or verbs which at substitution in the text form metaphors in verses. The option in prose represented the coherent text. At the solution of tasks on application of metaphors by the examinee full freedom of selection of words and phrases was represented. In verses it was allowed to rearrange lines (for convenience of rhyming), and also to replace in case of difficulty verses with prose.

In a class the composition which was written under music and based on pieces of music was carried out. For this purpose "nature sounds" were used: surf, music of the quiet sea. At first music simply sounded in a class. Then the pupil was told the name of a musical fragment and it was offered to imagine at repeated listening visually those images (that picture) which are transferred by music. During repeated listening the experimenter does separate remarks, directing as appropriate perception of pupils, for example: "You hear how the surf rustles?" or "Isn't that so, how beautifully quiet sea?" Then music sounds more silently, and pupils, listening to it, had to write the composition on the subject "Walk on the Seashore".

In a class sorted written, pupils wrote down successful words and phrases in a notebook. Failures were discussed. Later the plan of the composition to which pupils could adhere in case of difficulty but who was unreliable to those who would like to write differently, according to the plan was collectively made. The made plan represented the list of those objects which are desirable for not forgetting in the description: sky, air, trees, leaves, various buildings, bridge, streets, people. Besides, each pupil had to think up introductory and final speak rapidly compositions.

Language, written language are formed in a direct connection with the contents, that is in connection with own life experience, with accumulation of representations, knowledge, certain emotional impressions and experiences. Therefore creative compositions are one of the most effective methods of development of substantial, exact and expressive written language. The separate words and verbal associations designating subjects, the phenomena, their qualities and property, their relationship and their action are staticized quicker, more freely in that case when their sensual contents in the form of images and representations is available in memory of the person.

The 1st series on understanding of metaphors consisted of two options (both in prose, only ten literary tasks. The first option represents the coherent text with the admission in one case of a metaphorical verb, in four cases - metaphors. As samples for a choice in each case it was offered, as well as in the 1st series on understanding of epithets, three possible ways of filling of admissions. The second option on understanding of a metaphor consisted of five fragments. Both options are designed for finding out, whether give preference in the choice to a metaphor.

And at night the dream dreamed me: as if I in the sky; and what? On........... a cloudlet my perepelochka, only too all white, as that dagger sits. And on the head at it small............. nimbus; and as if it to it in an award that it suffered for the children.

Still the skopa arrived, a fish predator, a nose a hook, eyes........., light yellow. The heron vymakhnut from............. old reeds. The shrew peeped in........... to foliage.

Night passed under the big.......... the moon, and by the morning the first frost laid down. Everything was white, but pools did not freeze. When the sun was and warmed, trees and herbs obdatsya by such strong dew, such...... patterns looked from a dark of a branch of fir-trees that for this edge there would be no diamonds of all our earth. It was especially good........... from above to a bottom the queen pine.

In a sunny day the young gathered on an edge of a fir forest....... osinka densely one to another as though to them there, in a fir forest, it became cold and they left to get warm on an edge as at us in villages people come to the sun and sit on zavalinkas.