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implementers of new technologies of educational process (interaction, coauthorship, reflection, creativity, situational proyektirvoaniye, individual self-learning and self-development. Subjective approach has a long and extensive historiography. Philosophical knowledge. Subject life of the person was studied:

Important condition of development of the personality: compliance, coherence, coincidence external. influences with its intra personal potential, internal conditions. System. requirements has to initiate abilities of pupils in search of ways of vital and professional and personal growth.

Values of the human person and her aspiration to self-development (). A subject position of pupils in teaching and educational process (Disterva. The majority to swell.. thinkers of the past ideas of polysubject pedagogics defended, character of the relations of the teacher and pupils, education and self-development of the personality, a valuable semantic aspect.

mastering bases of a subject zhiznetvorchestvo, methodology of subject training, its basic concept, subject position, its contents and structure, is created an information and subject background, mastering values and meanings educational and educational D, working capacity in personal and the prof. of self-realization amplifies;

Ped. the anthropology takes a task to develop requirements to the contents, a form, the conceptual device of textbooks and manuals for various types of educational institutions and creates conditions for introduction of innovative educational ideas in educational practice.

The idea of integration of knowledge of the person penetrated Ananyev's works: the developed characteristic "identity", "personality", "the subject of activity". In its work the characteristic of the person as subject D, becomes fundamental (a way of the organization by the identity of life).

practical implementation of individual programs of the personal prof. of self-development, osushch-sya nbkh-y correction of introspection of the educational prof. and vital achievement, growth points, updating of need for self-improvement. Secondary strengthening of a role loony-ped. disciplines, increase of their status value with personal and the prof. of positions.

The central place in. systems in the XVIII-XIX century of century occupied the identity of the pupil and the identity of the teacher, process of interaction between them: activity, independence, creativity, initiative. In it the importance of development of polisubjekny pedagogics of our century. All called: the teacher should study constantly an inner world of pupils, construction. process taking into account age and specific features of pupils (Betskoy, Herzen, Dobrolyubov, Novikov, Kapterev, Ushinsky).

The big contribution to development of anthropological knowledge was made by M. M. Bakhtin. The central concept - "a life event" which was considered as an indicator of individual life, as a cut of a certain era, the historian - a cultural situation.

The leading motive of formation - motive of self-affirmation of a subject position in the prof. the relations that values of personal growth were presented to the prof. D. Expansion of motivation - need for self-affirmation for any spheres:

Principles of functioning of educational process: the center of teaching and educational process - the identity of the pupil, the pupil - the subject of education and education capable to influence them also takes an active creative position,

readiness for the independent solution of tasks, formation of design culture, the reformative relations to educational work and life, development of regulatory mechanisms of behavior and communication, the individual ways of creative expression expanding search of a peculiar handwriting the prof. D;

In fundamentals of typology. anthropology after Rubenstein the principle of the analysis of the personality through it, in a way of her life is put. It gave the chance to overcome unilateral understanding of the personality out of her life.

But it does not mean that biological features do not influence development mental (genetic influence => there is no congenital feature of an organism which would be completely neutral for mental development of the child. Their value: in what system of factors they act.