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In their opinion, the climatic conditions influencing physical shape of the person, his mentality were of great importance. "Thanks to the discharged sky air, the midday people, possessing, because of heat, sharp mind, easier and quicker think and make decisions; at the northern tribes shrouded in dense air of the sky, the mind cooled with moisture because of air resistance freezes".

Water supply systems give such huge amount of water that through the city and on foul places the real rivers flow. Romans, according to geographers, managed, owning Italy, to turn it into a strong point of the dominion over the whole world.

There is no part of the country which would use richness of mountain and flat districts. It is necessary to add a set of the big rivers and lakes to it, and moreover, in many places also sources of hot and cold water, the nature created for health, and especially abundance of various mines.

Economic development of the Roman state was considerable more difficult, than in Greece which though consisted of a set very various, from the economic point of view, areas, however did not expand the borders as it was done by Rome.

They, of course, could not avoid voyages, but - again - contrary to Greeks - the seas did not love, bewitching delights it as if did not notice, and coexistence with the sea perceived as the compelled need.

Philosophers in the ancient time the first paid attention to problems of human essence, meaning of life of people, to noticeable distinctions between individuals and to that general that all of them unites. Philosophers generously shared councils as it is necessary to arrive how to reach an ideal how to become happy.

The first - safety of Italy (like the island) is protected a sea circle, except for only the few areas, but even these last are protected by almost impassable mountains. The second condition, that it is mostly deprived of harbors, and existing, are extensive and remarkable.

During a classical era the well crane was known, and then began to use the rotating shaft - the coil. It is possible to claim, with full confidence, that people of that time knew already all types of wells what meet and today.