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The corresponding units of mass, volume and pressure - kilogram, cubic meter and New - square ton/meter respectively. Mister Hull finishes lecture with words: "the system of an indicator of measures and scales is used in the majority of the countries of the world. But there is also other system of measures and scales, imperial system which is founded on foot and pound. Some countries still use this system."

Here our chemical laboratory. It occupies the big room which is filled a set of long tables or laboratory tables as they are called. On these laboratory tables experiments usually become. There are a lot of things on the first laboratory table. Almost in the middle there is a stand of a bunzenovsky torch with a flask. During experiment the bunzenovsky torch is connected with the main gas line a rubber tube. The flame of a torch is regulated by means of branch. The flask fastens to the ring stand. If any solution boils in a flask, steam leaves it.

Today - the 5th of September, Monday. Its lecture - about the sizes. Mister Hull gives the lectures with numerous examples, schedules and experiments. He speaks: "In scientific work we usually have the sizes in metric system of measurement. The metric or decimal system is the international system of measures and scales which is founded on meter and kilogram. Length unit of measure - meter. The meter is based on wavelength - red light which is allocated with the Krypton 86 element, and is measured with a big accuracy in scientific laboratories around the world. The meter is divided into 100 centimeters and each centimeter on 10 millimeters.

The sun - the most important body in the Universe for mankind. It provides us with light during the day, and light of the Moon is only the reflected sunlight. It is also important that the Sun gives us warmly without which no life on Earth can exist. It provides all of us with energy which we use every day.