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The alphabetic list of papers with breakdown on accounts - valuable the analytical document. Besides its value from the point of view of control of a segregation it, along with the card of the client and the certificate of a client portfolio, enters "a gentlemen's set" of managers of accounts. If something happened to the issuer, this document will prompt to the manager who should be informed on the incident.

Before the account were conducted on cards of which there was their history. All calculations and entries were made manually. Now the staff of department receives the computer extracts called by the report on the status, or the diary of activity of the account. This document contains all information necessary for performance of its functions by department.

Tasks of the internal account are formation of full and reliable information about results of operations with securities and investments, necessary for operational management and company management, for drawing up the exact and timely reporting before clients of the company, the timely prevention of the negative phenomena in activity of the companies, and also for ensuring control from NAUFOR of activity of the companies on securities market.

For providing the timely and correct account and the reporting under operations with securities the company operates accounts of the internal accounting of cash flow, securities and investments. Accounts are intended for group and the current accounting of the uniform operations connected with professional activity of the company.

Responsibility for the organization of the internal accounting of the professional participant of securities market is born by the head of the company. The head of the company is obliged to provide strict observance of the company by all divisions concerning the internal account, requirements for its organization, providing properly the documented data for the appropriate organization of the account, and also to formation of the necessary internal reporting and reporting before clients.

In rules of maintaining the internal account the basic principles on the basis of which develop are defined or choose book of accounts of the accounting of the movement of assets in terms of money (further in the text - book of accounts of the account monetary and book of accounts of the accounting of the movement of securities and investments in kind (further in the text - book of accounts of the account valuable boom.