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Urban saturation — 77%, one of the highest in the world. The largest cities — Tokyo, and Nagoya. The agglomerations created ­ them together the largest megalopolis of Tuokaido with an average density of of 800 — 1000 people/km

Japan — island ­ with a total area of 372 thousand, located at east of Eurasia. EGP ­ situation at the intersection of maritime routes of the Pacific Rim, the neighbourhood with the largest countries of the world. It opens great opportunities for participation in the international division of labor.

The agrarian sector of economy of Malaysia gets support by means of subsidizing of purchases of agricultural production, the centralized price control, granting subsidies for acquisition of cars and fertilizers.

Natural resources of China of a are also various. In the north of the country huge massifs of the Far East woods are located, in the south of space are occupied with the woods. The country is high on the list in the world on of coal, iron and manganese ores, bauxites and a, tin, tungsten, molybdenum and other types of mineral raw materials. Huge water resources store in themselves large stocks of a.

EGP. People's Republic of China — the third by the territory sizes the state of the world, ­ in the central and parts of Asia from the East on the West on 5,7 thousand km, and from the North on the South — on 3,7 thousand km. favourably seaside of the country. Almost seas open a exit to the Pacific Ocean and huge opportunities for a external economic for the.

The main branches of a — a modern, power, metallurgy, chemical industry. branch of the international — mechanical engineering, in particular electronics, a, automotive industry. More than 50% of all export of the country are the share of it.

For the last decades which economy on a public, turned into the large state with the highest rates of development. The basis of fuel and energy complex of China is formed by the industry. Oil production and a grows. Electricity generation is based on thermal power plant (3/4 ). In China the program of development of hydropower is carried out: the main cascades of hydroelectric power station in Yangzi and Huyoankhe's upper courses.

The accelerated development of economy of the developing states (especially NIS) promoted intensive process of increase of a share of services industry (to 51% in structure of GDP) and the industries (to 28,4%) and to reduction of a share of agriculture (to 14,5%) in the general structure of a national economy. But, in spite of the fact that such structure is characteristic for all developed the countries, all this is purely external similarity which in the deep analysis shows huge deformations: existence of traditional branches of spheres of production, weak scientific and technical base, lack of modern industrial and social infrastructure, etc.

Japan — the second country of the world on a level of development of economy. Mineral natural resources for development of the industry are practically absent. The country has in general favorable conditions and resources for an agriculture, ­ is provided water, has favorable conditions for development of a sea, fishery.