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Besides convenient pocket frequency meters in use, the Optoelectronics firm lets out the desktop frequency meters with higher characteristics which are of interest only to professionals. Let's mention only two models presented in the market.

The means of ensuring of prevention of leakages of confidential information considered in this work on an electromagnetic communication channel exist not only in the form of projects and prototypes, but also are widely put into practice.

special inspection and check with use of technical means of a surface of walls, ceilings, floors, doors and window frames, and also furniture, home decoration, souvenirs, etc. For its carrying out the following equipment and equipment is used: nonlinear locator, portable x-ray system, metal detector, detector of emptiness, indicator of an electromagnetic field, radio frequency meter, and also service customs equipment;

So is enough for the experts developing and introducing new means of radio control of work, so, this branch of the extensive industry of information security remains still very perspective and promising. Thus, systems of radio control are not threatened by fast obsolescence, and only progress and further development.

The frequency meter is a device for measurement of frequency of periodic processes (fluctuations). Apply to measurement of frequency of electric fluctuations electromechanical, electrodynamic, electronic, electromagnetic, magnetoelectric of electromagnetic oscillations measure Ch. Chastota in the range of radio frequencies and the microwave oven by means of electronic frequency meters (a wavemeter - resonant, heterodyne, digital, etc.

In summary we will note that now application of nonlinear locators in practice of security services guarantees the highest quality of inspection of rooms and faultless identification is reserved the installed radio-electronic devices of any appointment.

The risk of loss of confidential information owing to receiving by her malefactor using for this purpose an acoustic bookmark is very great and is not going to decrease now. While there are people interested in unauthorized access to information (there are no bases to assume that such people sometime will not become), the acoustic and other bookmarks transferring the removed information on a radio channel and other communication channels will be developed and take root. Therefore, also means of fight against them which important part are means of radio control as they are capable to find such bookmark located anywhere, disguised under interior details, which is built in in a wall or a ceiling will develop.

Except the acoustic bookmarks which are carrying out information transfer on a radio channel in practice bookmarks in which lines of power supply of a power network of 220 Century are applied to information transfer are widely used. Such acoustic bookmarks are called network. For reception of information transferred by network bookmarks the special receivers connected to a power network within the building (power substation) are used. Thus in one power supply network tens such bookmarks at the same time can work, without having essential impact at each other.

In the modern world the increasing value is gained by information security, more and more people realize importance of safety of information. The doctor, the businessman, the accountant or the lawyer - at all of them is the personal secrets which under any pretext they do not wish to open. If business concerns the enterprises - the companies prefer to hide and carefully to protect corporate secrets, development and other confidential materials. Sometimes, this information needs to be provided to authorized representatives, only that to whom access to confidential information is allowed by "owner".

Organizationally – administrative actions: restriction of access to rooms where confidential information circulates (a director's office of firm, local automatic telephone exchange, the server room, work with the personnel on prevention of introduction of mortgage devices by them, control of a situation in it is information important rooms (new furniture, ventilation and so forth).