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(algorithmic blocks) for its processing. By preparation of the controler for work the program in which ports of input-output of information, and also algorithm of its processing are defined is entered into it. Thus, the block diagram is as if created.

inclusions and shutdown of an exit manually, start-up of one step a condition of the program start-up, stop, a choice, start-up of one step, expectation, the end of the program, controlled parameters a turn of the programme, number of repetition, number of a stage, number of a step, time which remained before the expiration

That is the time spent for service of algorithm of Tb-bazovoye time, spent for service of an algoblok at value of the modifier m = the Tm-extra time spent for service of algorithm at each increment of the modifier on

Each controler is supplied with the interface for the communication with the external devices (which is operating the computer, etc.), having the transceiver transforming the transmitted data in the form of a consecutive code (bat) to a parallel code (bytes). Exchange

settings are represented by the portable block of calculator type which during the work can be held in hand or to put on a table. The tuning panel of PN-1 contains two digital indicators: lower and top, both have on four decimal figures. On the lower digital indicator