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Estimating future sector structure of GDP, it should be noted the fluctuating changes in agriculture in general making negative size; fluctuations of a services sector near a zero mark and a weak, but steady tendency of increase of a share of the industry which, however, cannot significantly affect the general rate of a gain of GDP. Hardly it is possible to regard as economically justified and logical tendency of complementary values in development of agriculture and a services sector. It is clear, that it played a positive role in maintenance and smooth change of the general speed, in avoidance of sharp recession, but nevertheless it is difficult to find a reasonable explanation of this fact.

In export products of an animal and a phytogenesis, foodstuff, drinks and tobacco (20,5%), ignoble metals (20,2%) and products of chemical industry (19,6%) have the highest relative share. In import traditionally first place is won by import of mineral products and fuel (28,5%) which import of cars and the equipment (21,8%) follows.

The applied model of industrialization and industrial technologies used in Bulgaria led to development of production with high power and material inputs on a unit of production. Thus the vast majority of energy carriers and raw materials was imported from the outside. Still in comparison with other countries in Bulgaria there is quite high an agriculture share. Such structure is most characteristic for developing countries, exporters of primary and partially processed agricultural goods.

The decreased absolute consumption and changes in its structure will demand allocation of the increasing means for this purpose. It will increase tension in proportions between accumulation and consumption, and also will limit possibilities of allocation of public funds of consumption. Possibly, the share of consumption of the population long time will remain at the level of three quarters that in the conditions of insufficiently rapid growth of the made product will not be able to compensate absolute impoverishment of the most part of the population.

The changes in structure of production happening at present slowly and painfully correct the developed structural disproportions. Possibly, because of a lag effect of production structures, especially at achievement of a certain economic level, it will have continuation and in the future.

Changes in branch structure of economy of Bulgaria most likely will concern microproduction structure though it is difficult to concretize it in medium-term prospect. However with lateness for some years it will be reflected and in macroproduction and branch structure. In the near future technical progress first of all will have impact on means of labor, raw materials and materials. It will be reflected in durability, compactness, weight, multifunctionality, profitability and other technical and technical characteristics on the goods and services which are followed by changes in economic parameters. It is clear that similar changes in such small country as Bulgaria cannot happen for rather short period, in spite of the fact that external influence (technologies, the foreign market of goods and an usla will be accelerated by this process. Changes will concern separate productions, in particular for what there are appropriate resources, traditions and foreign markets.