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However these large numbers of last work in overwhelming part represent the work spent for production of things, real means of living. For creation of "nervous" system of production of it already not enough. Automatic means of fixing, storage, processing and issue of information - means of informatics, information automatic equipment are necessary. Their creation demands a large number and that work which is necessary in production of information, sign means of living. It is caused not only by that technical means of informatics are the knowledge-intensive production for which production large volumes of scientific and technical information, considerable expenses of work in the sphere of scientific researches and developmental development are necessary. Always are a part of means of informatics not only technical but also certain mathematical and software.

Growth of information requirements of the society which carried out industrialization, on the one hand, and creation of objective opportunities by society (means of informatics) for satisfaction of these requirements - with another, was created by necessary prerequisites for redistribution of social activities in favor of the sphere of production of information. These prerequisites became sufficient when in improvement of means of machine informatics certain "boundary" of economic efficiency of their mass application was passed. When each unit of big mass of the work spent in information production leads to economy of work in real production on average more than on one unit, there is expedient an advancing growth of application of effort in the sphere of information production.

To reveal these types of a production activity, it is necessary to take into account the functional and technological content of work in current industrial production and changes in this contents which happen at automation of modern type.