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nonconventional structure – with the raised content of dairy plasma (amateur, country, sandwich-type,, with partial replacement of milk fat with vegetable oil (dietary, Slavic, etc.), oil with fillers (chocolate, dessert, creamy paste, etc.).

The allowed divergence between results of determination of density of milk ρ ² one type of areometers in various (at different times, in different places and different operators) should not exceed 0,8 kg/m

Then densimeters again place in the electric furnace and maintain at the same temperature not less than 15 min., take out from the electric furnace maintain in not less than 30 min. and weigh. The difference between results of two weighings of each densimeter should not exceed 3 * 10 ˉ kg for scales of the 2nd class of accuracy and the densimeter and 5 * 10 ˉ kg for scales 4 – an accuracy class. If the specified condition is not met, drying should be repeated.

The cylinder with the studied test is installed on an equal horizontal surface and tests of t of of indications of temperature take temperature carry out not earlier than in 2 — 4 min. after lowering of the thermometer to test.

Marking and storage of tests On ware with tests for the analysis of milk or cream of a to be pasted the label or a label remaining to an analysis on which specify the name of the deliverer, date and time of sampling of milk or cream.