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For understanding of the nature of the competition the main unit is the branch (not very well, processing or from the sphere to an usl, i.e. group of the competitors who are making goods or services and directly competing among themselves. Strategically significant branch includes products with similar sources of competitive advantage. Besides, there can be related branches at which production – the same indicators, the production technology or sales channels, but they impose the requirements to competitive advantage. In practice of border are always very indistinct.

Existence of similar competitive at these or those firms the last in the conditions of narrowness of the market and an intense competition on is mute to undertake active searches of foreign markets for the production. The firm starts being guided by globalization of the foreign trade activity ­ in distribution of this activity on this or that branch on the scale of all world economy. In general put forward by Porter an of competitive advantages in degree are defined by a high step of industrial development and in fact are a further theoretical explanation of that fact of common knowledge that the main international exchange of production of the industry, especially, occurs between industrially countries (as these countries on the approximately equal economic conditions in the greatest measure correspond to requirements of global foreign trade strategy of major companies).

New technologies. Change of technology can create new opportunities for development of goods, new ways of marketing, production or delivery and improvement of service or services. It most often precedes strategically important innovations.

Firms have to not only react to changes of structure of branch and try to change it in own favor, but also to choose a position within branch. The position in branch is approach of firm in general to the competition, and not just its production or for whom it is designed.

The similar appeal to idea about economy is explained the scale of production by that in system of dynamic development of world economic communications the processes which are not keeping within not only in a flexible framework of the theory of "comparative advantage", but also in references to a role of multinational corporation are more and more shown (it seems, a, rapid growth not only the foreign trade stream of production of the processing, but also cross investments between industrially developed countries, an intercountry branch network of multinational corporation, etc.). These processes for the theoretical explanation demanded the approach which is guided by nontrivial solutions which and first of all were found in the reformed ideas about economy at a production scale.

Considerable popularity in justification of the latest concepts of the foreign trade trying to unite some of theories of "comparative advantage" with the foreign trade strategy of major companies got a job of the American of M of Porter. Feature of these works is pragmatical character, a support on researches of materials on foreign trade of considerable number of the countries. The decisive conclusion drawn by Porter has externally rather trivial character competitiveness of the country first of all by complex advantages of its leading firms. Novelty of researches of Malt liquor consists in identification of the decisive conditions forming similar competitive advantages.

orientation of branches of multinational corporation at their geographical arrangement on the best availability of these or those factors of production (existence of labor, development of production infrastructure and so forth get to the modern period in their number);

Eventually firms bypass the rivals if have strong competitive advantage. Competitive advantage shares on 2 main types: lower costs and differentiation of goods. Low costs reflect ability of firm to develop, let out and sell comparable goods with smaller expenses, than competitors. Selling goods on same (or approximately to such price, as competitors, the firm in this case gets ó profit.